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Connecting the Dots to reveal the pattern enabling pragmatic solutions to the complex problems of tomorrow



Digital Transformation

The road to paperless is littered with failed good intentions. The move from analogue systems to fully digital comes with it’s own unique snakes and ladders board.  Then actualising the benefits of digital and migrating to a digitally driven organisation makes it 3D snakes and ladders! With experience of varied digital transformation programmes I can steer you towards the specific strengths and benefits owhile avoiding the traps and pitfalls.

Technical Consultancy

An experienced consultant with experience in agile delivery teams I am able to supply you with the governance you require for all project stages and roles while delivering in an agile space.  

Transformative Change

 Enabling and embedding the processes needed to enable real transformative change within an organisation.

Building teams and understanding across your organisation to support and underpin the new direction you need to steer.

Business Intelligence / Big Data & Data Science

 The buzzwords from the end of the 20th Century still echo into the 21st, still much used but little understood. Let me help you see and understand the knowledge and information you already have avaliable to you and how to use it to enable real world benefits.


Process Improvement

Lean Healthcare for an efficient organisation. Process improvement and operational efficiency. Implementation of rolling, planned, improvements that will continue to deliver savings and benefits long after the end of the project.

Identify bottlenecks and wasted effort and ensure you deliver the best services and healthcare possible.